Apr 8, 2018

Dear Reader,

Dear reader,
The content of this page is subject to random changes in format, periodical stagnation and may be accused of being written in bouts of ridiculous and overused adjectives, with and or if without prose or logical function. The number of words (if any), like the rest of my written content, may remain as undefined as the period of it’s undefinedness.
I doubt that i am hip or cool or if at all in– being any of the current variations of those words would require me to invest more time on in or about social media, which is something I’ve been neglecting. I don’t have much experience expressing myself in terms of cleverly conjuncted alphabets, haven’t gone skydiving, nor do i know how to handcuff a one-armed man. But i am great at being honest about irrelevant things – and always open to learn more.
Without spending more time talking writing typing about what i am not, i shall “dive” into the the creating and throw you into the deep end whilst i sit, drinking something trendy like water.
My content, like many things stumbled upon in the vastness of the internet, is best served with a pinch of salt, a dash of humour, and seasoned to taste. Therefore, while i will always strive towards seriousness and proper editing, i remain notorious for posting unfinished thoughts, statements with unintended critique and or possibly walls of text lined with the underlying burn of whatever personal and age-dependant crisis i am going through. Just brace yourself (or sit there passively, your face lit up by a screen) for ad hoc outbursts of success related euphoria, and the occasional pit falls that accompany oneself on the journey to wherever.
The creative process is one fraught with learning whilst running headfirst against or through walls, and i shall now do as such.

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